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Shahrukh Nadeem is the man behind Book Buddy. He is an individual who is obsessed with the idea of reading, life-long learning and the passion to excel in life. Book Buddy is his initiative to rejuvenate the reading and learning culture in the country. Shahrukh believes in continuous pursuit of a worthy ideal and reaching the state of self actualization during life time which can be achieved through a mature, well nurtured and growth oriented mindset. Reading is one habit which can fuel this pursuit of maximizing one’s capabilities in life and excel. That is the idea behind creation of this platform where people at large are educated on various disciplines in life through the medium of books.

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About Me

Shahrukh Nadeem is an individual with an Entrepreneurial attitude; I put myself in the category of “Expert Generalists” whereby my expertise lie in Business Development, Strategy and Channels development, Market Planning, Research, Product Development and Organizational Development. Over the course of last 10 years; I have proven track record of leading teams successfully, implementing organizational developmental plans, enhancing operations, launching new technology products and strategising on key business development activities. My forte also lies in developing short and long term Enterprise wide corporate strategy encompassing emerging market trends.

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Resume | CV Writing

Personal coaching on writing best resume to get your dream job.

Career Consultation

Best advice on career choice and breaking free for career success.

Corporate Trainings

Sales Management, Communication Skills & Business English

Life Progression

Learn the art of creating momentum and positivity in life.

Startup Strategy

Give life to your idea and start a successful business.

Success Coaching

Pump your intellectual muscles to achieve success in life.

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