Paint the Canvas….Don’t leave it Blank!!!

“The most powerful thing in this universe is….Human Soul on fire!!!

I have always been mesmerized by a startlingly simple set of theories presented by Douglas McGregor; Theory X and Theory Y. Business graduates are well aware of the two sets of beliefs put forward by the thought leader. Where Theory X focuses on people being inherently lazy and being always forced to work; Theory Y negates the fact and exclaims that human beings are naturally driven to learn and are motivated to do work.

Though I am an optimist, yet I find theory X to be absolutely bang on mark when it comes to describing people especially in our part of the world. It is so discouraging to see people; grown-ups having no clue of the purpose of their existence. Most of us live a quintessential 9 to 5 life, grinding day in day out in office, getting back home after having the most atrocious sort of a Royal Rumble on the busy metropolis roads, have a chat with wife and kids, sip a cup of tea, eat dinner, watch TV and finally exclaim “Yaar Aj bohat thakawat hogaye” and go back to sleep to wake up again and repeat the same cycle for years.

Is this what we “supreme” of all creatures were meant for. For sure, life cannot be so meaningless and mundane. Why we as individuals are living life sans that burning desire to achieve, to be successful, to leave a legacy, to be a winner, to be accomplished, to be self-actualized and belittle all hurdles in life. I come across so many people and interview so many people which when asked “What is their obsession in life? What is the thing which gets them running in the morning? 99% of the times I am left talking to the walls. There is absolutely no answer. It leaves me bewildered and that raving and ranting begins in my heart. However, this further solidifies my resolve to educate as many people as I can to have certain goal and purpose in life.   

Avoiding a sweeping statement, personally I feel every moment of our life should have an underlying purpose to it. We need to justify all of the talent that the almighty has bestowed on us. Leaving a legacy is very important. It should be our resolve to carry atleast one obsession during each phase in our life. Unfortunately, we the millennials are so much engrossed in short term fulfillments and pleasures that we forget the biggest purpose. I don’t want this article to sound as an attack of the moral brigade but these days rather than working towards our goals we are obsessed with Selfies, Instagrams, Facebook likes and YouTube hits.  

Without further elaboration, I just want to emphasize one very short and concise message. No matter in what phase of our life we are, we should have a dream to fulfill and that dream should be big. Waste minimum amount of time in sleeping and watching tv; rather expose yourself to the people, to the books, to travelling, to understanding of international affairs, to the company of people who are intellectually aligned with your wavelength if not more, to be more wise, to being more prudent and most all aligning yourselves to your greater purpose in life. This will enable us to come out of our comfort zone and get an idea as to what life is all about. We should be fanatically driven towards progressive realization of a worthy ideal, whatever it might be. Whether it be losing weight, having washboard packs, acquiring a presidential position in your company, elevating the standard of living of your family and closed ones, being famous, helping people through politics or for that matter realizing ones ambition of being a successful entrepreneur (this is one common goal across the board, I guess). The bottom line is dream big, be wild, be crazy, be obscene, be outrageous but don’t let your life slip by… meaningless!

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