How we Empowered and Enabled our team at Myhcm to work from home

Global pandemic in the shape of COVID-19 has outrageously changed the world around us. It has changed the way we think, we operate and we plan. Our social interactions and societal norms have remarkably changed upside down. Moreover, the rules of business have turned topsy turvy. The quintessential 9 to 5 style of working seems to be obsolete to the core. Globally, businesses have been bound to take the much-needed and often dreaded digital leap of faith to stay relevant in the business. At Myhcm, we are incessantly working to do our part by ensuring the safety of our employees while extending our service to our valued customers. We have shifted all our employees to working online, striving to protect the health and well-being of the communities in which we operate while continuing our business consistently.

Below is the modus operandi of how we made it happen!

On 20th March, we decided to switch the entire workforce spread across Pakistan to work from home with immediate effect. Now the question is, how in a matter of a single day did we manage to shift our operations to an online mode? The answer to this lies in the DNA of our company. Last year when we established Myhcm Pakistan Private Limited, we had categorically stated in our vision statement that we will be a completely digitally driven organization. In this quest, we aggressively adopted cloud technology and relinquished legacy age old and obsolete on premise approach of working. This was not only part of our plan but an obligation upon us since we consider ourselves to be the flag bearer of bringing digital transformation in Pakistan in the field of HR. How can we let our operations not be digitally driven. Therefore, we had to champion what we advocate.

Our approach towards #WFH: Working from Home 

Day-to-Day Communication and Collaboration  

We at Myhcm use a range of tools and platforms to streamline communication, collaboration, HR, project management, support services, partner management, finance, sales and marketing. The most essential tool we use across our company is our very own Myhcm digital HR platform to manage our HR needs. This platform actually manages our entire company since we believe that employees make and manage companies and Myhcm manages employees.

Every individual and department in our company is seamlessly supervised and managed by our cutting edge HR management software. It helps us to measure employee productivity by sitting at home.  Therefore, it’s a great and handy tool for Line managers to manage their people and keep a check on their productivity. Due to this feature, even in times of turmoil we have not fallen behind on our projects.

 Furthermore, all our colleagues at Myhcm use the HCM bot feature which is one of its kind to check-in/out, apply leave, check leave balance, submit timesheets on work they accomplished, view pay slips and to reach out to our HR folks for various HR service requests. This service is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft teams for our customers so they can enhance collaboration across their enterprise while working remotely.

Project Management  

While we work from home, we assure to sustain the commitment given to our clients. Our clientele spans across Pakistan. Therefore, we use two distinct platforms to ensure consistent project management to deliver every project milestone on time.  

Our Project managers and their teams use Microsoft Projects to monitor the progress of project timelines and milestones. The projects team also uses ASANA work management tool to continuously collaborate with our product engineering front and share milestones associated with product engineering. Usage of these tools have empowered our projects team to coordinate project requirements with internal teams and complete implementation on time.  

MyHCM Helpdesk

MyHCM receives our clients’ feedback, complaints and support tickets to the MyHCM Helpdesk. Our team uses Xendesk platform to draw these support tickets from the MyHCM helpdesk, resolve each complaint and communicate the solution. Xendesk has enabled our support team to respond to clients and solve their issues on the dot, complying well with the MyHCM SLA. 

Managing Finance & Business Operations

Our finance and business operations team is geared to work remotely as they use Quickbooks cloud application to manage finance and operations. Their tasks include the dispatch of digital invoices to clients, receiving online payments from clients and processing statutory payments. All these are completely managed through these cloud/online systems, setting pace for uninterrupted remote work. 

Myhcm Local Partner Program 

We at Myhcm encourage local companies to partner with us to help organizations in Pakistan take the digital leap. In this regard, we have developed an eco-system of local partners who work with us day in day out. To help in partner management we have developed a home grown online partner portal to host legal and marketing collateral for partners. This portal is also used to create and manage sales funnels of every partner, enabling our team to continuously monitor the sales performance of each partner.  

MyHCM Sales and Marketing  

MyHCM Marketing works with a focus to furnish product information and HR industry insights/trends to domestic clientele; therefore, the product website, other marketing literature has been localized to the markets we operate in. These localised web pages are designed on WordPress which gives us the flexibility to reach the backend of sites, refresh content, alter & improve SEO tactics while working from home. We manage our sales funnel using Google Suite which helps in agility and remote monitoring of active deals.

We are steadfast in our mission to improve collaboration and engagement of our workforce, and we have successfully embraced the new model of work during this chaotic period. We are proud of how we are adapting our mindset and utilising above tools & platforms which allow us to connect the dots by bringing together clients, an ecosystem of partners, and keep our workforce equipped to serve them. We also reiterate to organisations in Pakistan to adopt digital technology at the earliest. In these changing times, it is imperative that your business is driven by digital/online processes. It will have a significantly positive impact on your business bottom line.

 If you wish to learn more on how your organisation can learn to adopt cloud technology to enable remote working / working from home write to us at


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