Passport To Glory

” A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes”¬†Mahatma Gandhi

It is the summer of 1968, the biggest bodybuilding contest at this point in time Mr. Universe has just concluded in USA. The air still reverberates with the chants of people witnessing a fantasy transformed into reality in the shape of human sculptures on display at the event. Mr. Universe is a convergence point for the top bodybuilders who come together to participate in this event which has developed a cult following over the past few years.

However, something strange has happened in the contest this time. As is the practice in every sports the whole glitz and glamour falls on the shoulders of the no. 1 performer. Strikingly, it is the other way around this time. A 6’1” Austrian man with the most heaviest of Austro-German accent is the locus of attraction. He had won the previous two Mr. Universe contests however he had to chew defeat this time. Biting the dust is something this individual is not acclimatized to therefore; he cries his blood out all night once the competition concludes.

The greatest gift this body builder has is not his physique not his stamina, not his training modus operandi but his ability to envision success. He works on his weaknesses and returns the next year to win the competition. From that time onwards he remains unbeaten till the time he is part of competitive bodybuilding. Today we know that man as Arnold Schwarzenegger. An individual who revolutionized the whole fitness and bodybuilding industry single-handedly and took it out from the urban slums and made it a worldwide phenomena and a multi million dollar industry.

What made him achieve glory?

It was his Mind Power. The ability to believe, the capability to stay tenacious, envisioning success and working towards a well sought out goal. When people wrote him off for even a chance of making it big in Hollywood due to his heavy accent and over bulging physique he used his mind power to become the highest earning male celebrity in the biggest film industry in the World.

As Arnold often exclaims, in childhood he used to dream and think of dictators and powerful people like Hitler and wanted to emulate them so his name is regarded and known for centuries to come. He surely achieved that greatness and Law of Attraction is something he possessed in his repertoire which worked wonders for him.

The passport to glory can be defined in this simple statement¬†” We become what we think about most of the time”¬†A human being is actually like a transmission tower whatever he thinks is responded accordingly by the universe. Positive thoughts generate positive frequencies and bring back positive message from the universe as is the case vice versa.

A genius like Einstein also used this theory to wondrous effect. Being divorced in 1919 he told his wife that he will win the Nobel Prize for Physics soon for a theory which was unverified at that point in time. Winning the prize was also important for him since he had promised to give all the money to his wife so she could be financially sound in the future. He had that conviction and belief and a positive attitude that led him to success in 1921 the year in which he received his Nobel prize.

Success is all about how you perceive and receive information. Therefore, to achieve that long sought glory first step is to think positively and the rest will be taken care of…Try it.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves” William Shakespeare

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